Crime Scene & Incident Investigation
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A one-day seminar, six-hour crime scene/accident scene basics

When asked a crime scene technician will say that the biggest problem that they encounter at a crime scene is the same – crime scene contamination by the curious and untrained.  There should be a foundation of training to avoid contamination and to preserve evidence.  Lost evidence equals lost opportunities.  Same statement applies to accidents and other incidents at the officer’s location.

Learn the role of the first officer responder and supervisor before the arrival of the CSI: first responder, police officer, photographer, F.B.I Agent, DNA expert, finger print expert.

Certificate and lectures by professionals.

Lecturers: Former F.B.I Agent, Boston Police Detective, and Former State Police Officer.

These classes will be held on Fridays & Saturdays from 8:30AM – 4:00PM. Notice of start of classes to be sent to those that sign up for the class by E-Mail or Telephone call (786) 217-8303.

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Tuition fee: $200 (Minimum 10 Students)



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