“D & G” Package Deal
Preparing Graduates For Jobs As Public Safety Officers

5 Sessions (68 hours) Dates may change depending on weather conditions, registrations & class availability) Police experienced staff.


Tuition of $485.00 to be paid on or before (registration link below) the first day of class


Classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – 8:00AM to 4:30PM






Tuition includes Hands on training and handouts, a copy of the FLORIDA FIREARM MANUAL, writing material, use of handgun, targets, ammunition, range and Certificates. Range location will be given to the officer a day prior to range.


Missed classes must be made up at an additional charge. There is morning and afternoon attendance required.


All classes will be at:

18901 SW 106 Ave. Suite 214 Miami, FL 33157


Course will cover:  Armed Security Personnel 68 hours


1. Civil Liabilities & Use of Deadly Force

2. Street Survival & General Public Safety and Detainee control

3. Firearm Training (one day at the range) & Weapons Retention (Blue Guns)

4. Use of the Baton

5. Deadly Force and Non-Lethal Force & Crisis Intervention/Conflict Resolution

6. Rule 493

• Legislative Intent, s. 493.6100

• Definitions, s. 493.6101(1),(2),(3),(7),(8),(9),(13),(14),(18),(19),(23)

• Inapplicability, s. 493.6102(1)

• Initial Application For License, s. 493.6105

• License Requirements, ss. 493.6106 and 493.6303

• Investigation of Applicants by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, s. 493.6108

• License; Contents; Identification Card, s. 493.6111

• Renewal Application For Licensure, s. 493.6113

• Cancellation or Inactivation of License, s. 493.6114

• Weapons and Firearms, s. 493.6115 and 790.06

• Grounds for Disciplinary Action, s. 493.6118(1)(a)-(t), (2),(6)

• Violations; Penalties, s. 493.6120

• Use of State Seal, s. 493.6124

• Classes of License, s. 493.6301

• Uniforms; Required Wear; Exceptions, s. 493.6305

• Vehicles Used By Security Agencies; Lights, s. 316.2397

• Unlawful Symbols of Authority, ss. 843.085 and 493.6118(1)(i)

• Complaints, 5N-1.100(4)

• Probable Cause Determination, 5N-1.100(4)

• Disciplinary Guidelines, 5N-1.113

• Filing Application, 5N-1.120

• License Issuance; Transferability, 5N-1.120(1)

• Operation of Licenses, 5N-1.124(1)

• Licensed Firearms Instructors, 5N-1.134

• Ammunition, 5N-1.129

• Fees, 5N-1.116(3)

• Fingerprint Fee, 5N-1.116(3)    


Conceal Weapons Course (CCW)

In the Florida Concealed Weapons License and Basic Firearms Training course for your Florida CCW weapons license you will most importantly learn firearms safety as well as the fundamentals of shooting, real world defensive shooting techniques, and how to defend yourself with a firearm. You’ll also become well versed in the State of Florida laws pertaining to conceal carrying and self-defense. We focus on real life scenarios that can occur in the street or at home. This is no run of the mill soft “hotel conference room” or “gun show” training course.  We have well trained professional instructors with real-world experience in firearm training and safety. We operate with small class sizes to create a better learning environment and all instruction and shooting is conducted at our training facility. We provide you with everything you need to obtain your State of Florida Conceal Carry license.


Tuition: $130.00 Course duration is a minimum of 4 hours

 Classes offered 7 days a week!

We understand your time is valuable and limited, therefore, we make attending our concealed weapons permit class, easy and convenient. We offer classes 7 days a week at 9:00 am.



Officer, security guard, and self-defense training courses.

Our Location

18901 SW 106 Ave. Suite 214

Miami, FL 33157

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